Youth Enrichment:
Mal Jones teaches 3rd graders electrical safety with a Hip Hop song!

First Cultural Ambassador

First Coast News Feature

“Mal Jones, creator of the monthly freestyle street rap sessions at ArtWalk called “The Lyricist Live,” made sense as a spoken-word counterpart to Overstreet. Jones’ métier is hip hop — his event is defined by beats, bars and rhymes – but he’s comfortable pushing boundaries of the form. He’s the first rapper ever named a Florida Folk Art Master by the Florida Folklife Council, and performed at the 2013 Florida Folk Festival. In April, he created a Shakespeare tribute poem, which runs through a litany of words the bard created– and delivered it in a proper English accent to visitors at the Cummer’s Celebrate Shakespeare! event.”

Folk Artistry and Public Speaking

Such as a recent appearance at TedEx

“Recording artist, Founder of The Lyricist Live, emcee, award winning Jacksonville Hip-Hop/Folk artist, educator and documentarian Mal Jones hosts The Lyricist Live at downtown vision’s monthly “Jacksonville Artwalk.” A Bronx Born, 23 year resident of Duval County, Mal is a pioneer of the Jacksonville indie Hip-Hop scene and creator of Hip-Hop education based school programs that use hip-hop culture as an educational tool. In 2013 Mal became the first Hip-Hop artist in Florida history labeled a “Folk Artist” by The Florida Folklife Program and Division of Historical Resources for the traditional skill of improvisational freestyle rapping. In addition to hosting a number of Hip-Hop workshops that focus on writing and literacy, Mal runs a state funded apprenticeship program awarded by The Florida Folklife Program that teaches the traditional skill of freestyle rapping. He’s currently in his 2nd year of curating the folk apprenticeship program.”