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My name is Jamal Jones and I have been successfully running a live show and Open Mic Freestyle rhyme cypher for the citizens of Jacksonville at downtown vision’s Artwalk titled “The Lyricist Live” for the Past 5 1/2 years. This show entertains, and engages diverse crowds, is done with the cooperation of the entire Artist community, and performed without the use of vulgar or obscene language.

For the last 5 years Coral Castle has presented live shows at the Jacksonville Artwalk, (which are held outside, free and Open to the public.) In 2013 I became the FIRST HipHop Artist in Florida to be Archived by Division of cultural resources “Florida Folklife Program.”‘ A state funded program that has been documenting folk arts and folk culture in the state of Florida for the past 36 years. In 2014 I was awarded the spark grant by The cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville. In 2015 I was retained by Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) to produce a commercial message on children’s power safety. I’ve also been retained as guest lecturer at the University of North Florida. In 2015 I was appointed by the state of Florida as a Master artist to facilitate the “Florida Folklife Apprenticeship program.

I also serve on the Board Of The Center Of achievement inc (5013c). A Community serving organization. Rhymes, Beats, and Life is a program sponsored by the center which I developed. The Program is an educational application of Hip Hop in everyday life delivered to youth in my community. Rhymes, Beats, and Life’s program provides supplemental reading, and writing  activities through the Hip Hop genre that will create enthusiasm and stimulation to engage and participate.

Most recently;

Guest speaker and panelist at The Convening Arts conference 2016

JEA Power Pals Electrical safety program
F-Cat Preparation Pep Rally-Duval County Schools
Just like me summer camp- Family support services
Rap literature for females (Grades 3-6) Triston’s  acceleration Acadamy.
P.U.M.P. and go event-Teen Boys Pull Up My Pants And Get Organized.-Sponsored By; Freedom Expressions, Inc. event planners.
Currently mentoring the artistic development of 5 individual youth

I’m seeking funding to grow and expand opportunities to engage students and their families and to increase professional performances opportunities.  We are seeking your investment in the growth of Coral Castle Ent. Thank you for your contribution! The Lyricist Live documentary!