About The Lyricist Live

The Lyricist Live is an open mic rhyme Cypher for rappers in Jacksonville Fl that takes place downtown the first Wednesday of every month during the city’s “Jacksonville Artwalk

Lyricist LiveCreated in 2011 by Mal as a spin off from the “Lyricist Hour” Live stream show, (The first live stream Hip Hop show in Duval) Mal modeled this cypher after Hip Hop’s founding father “Kool DJ Herc’s” original idea of bringing music and emcees outside in the park which itself birthed what we call today the culture of “Hip Hop”. All Lyricist Live shows are held outside as an ode to Kool DJ Herc and the birth of Hip Hop which started outside in the parks of the Bronx NY, in which Mal was born. The Sound of rappers voices bouncing off of the buildings downtown to a 5 hour soundtrack of beats set the desired tone to positively grow Hip Hop culture in Jacksonville Fl.
Mal Jones brings the city’s DJ’s and Emcees together outside in classic Hip Hop fashion to host this monthly event. The Lyricist Live has since become the centerpiece for Hip Hop culture in downtown Duval.
Being the first street Cypher of its kind in Florida, The show’s “No cursing” rule challenges rappers to verbally express themselves without the use of curse words and creates an environment that all ages can participate in. A community Cypher. The promotion of creating  a “non violent” atmosphere to do this, and the many applications that this “Non cursing” cypher has for youth education has spawned numerous university speaking engagements, educational programs, and even recognition by the Department of State and Division of Historical resources’s Florida Folklife program, which for the first time in history, recognized the art of freestyle Rapping as a traditional Florida folk art since their discovery of Mal Jones and the cipher in 2013.